Recent Funding: $1,236,900 Bridge Loan in San Diego, CA

Hard Money Bridge Loan

San Diego, CA– TaliMar Financial, a San Diego hard money lender, is pleased to announce our most recent funding of a $1,236,900 Hard Money Business Purpose Bridge Loan secured on a single-family home in San Diego, CA. Our client purchased the property as a long-term rental.

The borrower was referred to us by a mortgage broker due to the short closing window. Because of the competition for properties in the San Diego market, the client had to close on the purchase in 14 business days and waive all contingencies.

Own rental properties as long-term investments are a great option to build wealth. Real estate not only offers consistent monthly cash flow but also offers future appreciation and many tax advantages. Using a hard money
lender to build your portfolio is an excellent option, especially when you need to close quickly or the property would not qualify for conventional financing.

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TaliMar Financial is a San Diego hard money lender that specializes in funding residential and commercial Fix and Flip, Construction, and Bridge Loans. As a direct private money lender, we offer aggressive financing options and typically close our transactions in less than 7 business days. We work directly with real estate investors and property owners as well as real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and other real estate professionals.

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