Preferred Broker Account Program

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Preferred Broker Account Program

The Preferred Broker Account program is designed for brokers looking to expedite the approval and funding process. By establishing a Preferred Broker Account with TaliMar Financial, you will be provided a dedicated team member to quickly review and approve your loan requests. Additionally, your team member will provide you updates on new loan programs and changes to our existing loan programs. In today’s rapidly changing real estate industry, having the right lender supporting your business is key. Sign up today!!!  

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Why Preferred Broker Account Program?

Expedited Approvals

Submit your loans requests with confidence that a TaliMar Financial team member will quickly respond to your submittal. Once approved, we will work with you to expedite the closing.

Exclusive Pricing

We understand that you must provide value to your client which is why we offer exclusive pricing to Brokers that have signed up for the Preferred Broker Account program. You will always be provided the best pricing and offered real time support by a TaliMar Financial team member.

Broker Protection

Brokers will always be protected in a transaction. We rely on the Broker community to bring us the very best loan requests which is why we take our promise to you very seriously. Know that we are committed to making you successful through our Preferred Broker Account program. 

Gary Reynolds, Mortgage Broker

Our Success Story

I have worked with TaliMar Financial over the last 5 years brokering loans that do not fit our general guidelines. The team at TaliMar Financial has always been quick to respond to my loan requests and upfront about pricing and loan structure. They keep me updated on the progress the loan request and close when the say they will close.


Up to 80% of Purchase Price

100% of Renovation Costs

Flexible Terms

Interest Only Payments

Single Family and Multi-Family

Business Purpose Only

California Only

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Up to 75% of Value

Purchase / Refinance

Single Family, Multi-Family

Cash Out Option

No Tax Returns, Income Statements

Business Purpose Only


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