Preferred Borrower Account Program

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Preferred Borrower Account Program

The Preferred Borrower Account (“PBA”) program is a tool for real estate investors to get their offer accepted and to quickly close. By getting approved for the PBA program, you will have access to a TaliMar Financial issued Letter of Credit, property specific Proof of Funds letters, and Expedited 5 Day Closings. The application process is simple and no credit check is required. Get approved for the PBA program today!

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Why Preferred Borrower Account Program?

Letter of Credit

Submit your offers with confidence using a Letter of Credit issued by TaliMar Financial. The Letter of Credit will show listing agents that you are ready to close.

Wholesale Deal Marketplace

Get exclusive access to our Wholesale Marketplace. The Wholesale Deal Marketplace brings together our Borrowers and Wholesalers on a single platform to purchase real estate investment opportunities.

Expedited Closings

Success it today’s competitive market requires speed. Having the right capital partner to purchase or refinance a real estate opportunity quickly is essential to be successful.

Manny Wilson, Real Estate Investor

Our Success Story

TaliMar Financial has been instrumental in helping us building our real estate investment business. They took a chance on us, funding our first project. They approve us through their Preferred Borrower Account Program and introduced us to several wholesalers. Once we identified an opportunity, they quickly approved and closed on our loan. Since then, we have completed over 15 projects with TaliMar Financial.



Up to 80% of Value

Purchase / Refinance

As Low as 3.875%

Interest Payments Available

Cash Out OK

Minimum Documentation

Business Purpose Only


Up to 70% of Completion Value

12 – 24 months

Low Rates

Interest Only Payments

Single Family and Multi-Family

California Only

Business Purpose Only

Your Trusted Hard Money Lender

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