Private Mortgage Funds: A Closer Look for Financial Advisors

Private Mortgage Funds: A Closer Look for Financial Advisors Seeking Fixed Income Investments

In today’s ever-changing financial landscape, financial advisors are constantly searching for investment opportunities that can provide their clients with stability, consistent returns, and a degree of predictability. One option that has gained increasing attention in recent years is private mortgage funds. These funds offer a unique blend of fixed income characteristics that have made them an appealing choice for financial advisors looking to diversify their clients’ portfolios. In this article, we will explore why financial advisors are taking a closer look at private mortgage funds as a viable option for their clients seeking fixed income investments. 

1. Steady Income Streams 

One of the primary reasons financial advisors are turning to private mortgage funds is the potential for stable and consistent income streams. Private mortgage funds typically invest in a diversified portfolio of real estate loans, including residential and commercial mortgages. These loans generate regular interest payments, which are then passed on to investors in the form of dividends. This predictable income can provide clients with a reliable source of fixed income, making it easier for advisors to meet their clients’ income needs. 

2. Low Correlation with Traditional Asset Classes 

Another attractive feature of private mortgage funds is their low correlation with traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds. This low correlation can help diversify a client’s portfolio and reduce overall risk. When financial advisors allocate a portion of their clients’ assets to private mortgage funds, they can potentially enhance portfolio stability and mitigate the impact of market volatility. This diversification benefit is particularly valuable in times of economic uncertainty, making private mortgage funds an appealing choice for risk-conscious clients. 

3. Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns 

Private mortgage funds often offer attractive risk-adjusted returns compared to other fixed income investments. While the yields on traditional fixed-income securities, like government bonds, have remained historically low, private mortgage funds can provide a more compelling risk-reward profile. The combination of steady income and the potential for capital appreciation through loan origination fees and interest rate spreads makes private mortgage funds an appealing choice for investors seeking a balance between income generation and capital preservation. 

4. Professional Management and Due Diligence 

Successful investing in private mortgage funds requires expertise and thorough due diligence, which is why many financial advisors appreciate the professional management offered by these funds. Qualified fund managers assess potential borrowers, evaluate the creditworthiness of real estate projects, and actively manage the loan portfolio. This professional oversight can help advisors navigate the complexities of real estate lending while ensuring that their clients’ investments are actively monitored and optimized for performance. 


5. Access to Diverse Real Estate Markets 

Investing in private mortgage funds provides clients with exposure to diverse real estate markets, which can be challenging to achieve through direct real estate ownership. These funds often invest in a range of property types, geographies, and borrower profiles, further enhancing diversification. Advisors can tailor their clients’ exposure to specific market segments based on their risk tolerance and investment objectives, creating customized portfolios that meet individual client needs. 



In an environment characterized by low interest rates and market volatility, financial advisors are continually seeking attractive fixed income investments that can provide their clients with stability and income. Private mortgage funds have emerged as a compelling option due to their potential for steady income streams, low correlation with traditional asset classes, attractive risk-adjusted returns, professional management, and access to diverse real estate markets. 

 However, it is essential for financial advisors to conduct thorough due diligence and assess the risk profile of private mortgage funds before recommending them to clients. While these funds offer unique benefits, they are not without risks, and understanding the specific terms and conditions of each fund is crucial. 

 Ultimately, the growing interest in private mortgage funds reflects the need for innovative fixed income solutions in today’s investment landscape. Financial advisors who carefully consider the merits and risks of these funds can offer their clients a well-rounded investment strategy that combines stability and income potential. As the financial industry continues to evolve, private mortgage funds are likely to remain a valuable component of diversified investment portfolios. 

About the Author 

Brock VandenBerg is the President of TaliMar Financial and Fund Manager of TaliMar Income Fund I. Mr. VandenBerg started investing in individual trust deeds in 2008, providing capital to real estate investors taking advantage on the housing crisis. He soon brought in outside investors to share in this lucrative opportunity to earn above market returns. After funding over $375 million in short-term loans and attracting over 500 investors, Mr. VandenBerg launched TaliMar Income Fund I in 2021 to offer investors a much more efficient way to invest in individual trust deeds. Currently, TaliMar Income Fund I invests on behalf of over 220 individual investors with over $60 million in assets under management.  


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