What to Expect in 2021 from TaliMar Financial


Hi, Brock Vandenberg with TaliMar Financial, your trusted hard money lender. I want to first say happy new year. I also want to thank all the real estate investors, mortgage brokers, agents, and other professionals that helped TaliMar Financial make it another record year for loan origination in terms of loans closed and loan volume. As many of you know, TaliMar Financial is a direct hard money lender. We fund each loan with our own capital and remain the point of contact for our borrowers throughout the life cycle of that loan. Most of our loans range in size from 100,000 to three million with options exceeding 10 million. The most common reason we are approached with a hard money loan request is that the loan needs to close quickly. Other reasons include the borrower is unable to show stable cashflow, has challenged credit, an existing loan is maturing, or the property is not in a condition that a conventional lender would lend on it.

One of our core values has always been to provide the borrower with a transparent borrowing process. This was important in 2008 when I established the company and it’s still true today. When a loan is submitted, our goal is to respond within one day and issue a term sheet within 24 hours. Further, we provide all parties involved constant updates throughout the underwriting and closing process. For many in the real estate finance industry, 2020 was a challenging year. When COVID hit, many lenders in the hard money lending space stopped funding. Those that were lending significantly scaled back LTV ratios and prices jumped. However, TaliMar Financial remain committed to closing new hard money loan requests, resulting in a record second, third, and fourth quarter for new originations. This was partially because we felt confident in the residential housing market. But most importantly, our internal sources of capital didn’t dry up like most other hard money lenders in the hard money lending space.

And looking back on our closings last year, we had a healthy balance of fix and flip loans and bridge loans with several ground-up construction loans. The vast majority of loans we funded were first position and a limited number of second position loans. We remained committed to the California market and funded loans in most metropolitan markets, such as San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento. Over 75% of the loans we funded were either originated through our mortgage broker community or were referred from a real estate agent. The time from when the loan was originated through approval and closing was approximately two weeks with one loan funded in less than 24 hours. Looking at 2021, we have several initiatives that will allow us to scale while continuing to provide you a level of service that you have come to expect from TaliMar Financial.

First, we’ll be launching our first mortgage fund. The mortgage fund will allow us to consolidate our capital into a single source, which will result in quicker approvals, faster closings, and larger loan sizes. Our second initiative to increase broker education about the hard money lending space and the TaliMar Financial Platform. For many brokers that focus on the conventional lending market, the hard money space can seem like a dark void where you throw loans in hoping to get it approved. As one of our biggest referral sources, we hope to dispel this myth with our focus on education. Our third initiative is the Preferred Borrower Lending Program for real estate investors that focus on fix and flip and fix and hold loans. By getting pre-approved with TaliMar Financial, our real estate investors will be provided a letter of credit that could be submitted with offers, access to our expedited closings, and access to our wholesale deal platform.

We want to be considered a partner for our fix and flip and fix and hold investors, not just a lender. Our fourth initiative is to boost our Loan Origination Team. We’re looking for people currently in the hard money lending space that have a pipeline of hard money loans to join our team and grow with our company. I’m excited about 2021. We will continue to focus on our core values, which is to provide a transparent lending platform within the hard money lending space. We understand that we won’t be able to reach our goals without first helping you reach yours. I encourage you to share those goals with me so that we can identify opportunities to work and grow together. I thank you for listening and look forward to hearing from you. Let’s make 2021 a great year.

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