TaliMar Financial Launches Mortgage Fund

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TaliMar Financial Launches Mortgage Fund

TaliMar Financial is excited to announce that we have launched our flagship mortgage fund, TaliMar Income Fund I. The fund will mirror our existing portfolio of over 90 loans with an outstanding balance of over $45 million while also offering several distinct advantages. Those advantages include a more consistent investment approach for our 1,500+ investors, several tax advantages, and the diversification of a portfolio of mortgages.

Why TaliMar Income Fund I

We launched TaliMar Income Fund I to create a more efficient platform for our investors to invest in trust deeds. Though our original model of matching trust deeds to individual investors was extremely successful, as loan sizes grew and transactions had to close more quickly, the number of steps required to complete a transaction hampered our ability to meet the needs of our borrowers and compete in the private lending space. As a result, we were missing out on good lending opportunities.

Advantages of the Mortgage Fund

The mortgage fund model offers several distinct advantages. The biggest advantage is that Lenders will no longer have to transition between trust deeds. In the trust deed model, when a trust deed pays off, the Lender is required to identify a new trust deed investment while their capital sits idle earning no income. In today’s highly competitive trust deed market, it may take weeks or even months to identify a new trust deed investment. The mortgage fund alleviates this issue by spreading its funds over a portfolio of mortgages and if one mortgage pays off, it doesn’t disrupt the entire income stream to the investor.

The second advantage of the mortgage fund is that the fund qualifies for the Qualified Business Income (QBI) tax deduction. Included in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the QBI tax deduction reduces the tax burden to 80% of income generated through a pass through entity. The remaining 20% of the income is tax free. When calculated in terms of a yield through the fund, it may increase the investor return between .25% to .5%.

The third advantage of the mortgage fund is that investor capital is diversified over a portfolio of performing mortgages vs a single trust deed. When a borrower stops making a payment in the trust deed model, the income to the Lender stops. In a mortgage fund model, because the investor capital is diversified over a portfolio of mortgages, payments to the investor will continue from the other performing mortgages.


We are excited about the launch of the TaliMar Income Fund I, our mortgage fund. We are confident that the mortgage fund will offer a more consistent investment platform for our investors. By creating a streamlined platform to fund private money loans, TaliMar Financial will be in a better position to originate better loans and keep costs down offering our investors a higher return with the security of a portfolio of performing mortgages.

Investors can get started investing in TaliMar Income Fund I, by creating a user account and logging into our mortgage fund portal by clicking on the button below. We would also suggest viewing the step by step process of investing in the fund by clicking on the button below.

To learn more about the fund, contact TaliMar Financial at (858) 242-4900 and speak to one of our Account Representatives in Investor Relations or e-mail invest@talimarfinancial.com.

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