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TaliMar Financial is the trusted San Diego hard money lender. We understand San Diego has a diverse blend of real estate markets, from the beach communities of La Jolla, Coronado, and Pacific Beach to the inland communities of Escondido, El Cajon, and Poway.

Our hard money loan platform offers fix and flip loans, construction loans, and bridge loans specific for San Diego real estate investors. We fund single family homes, multi-family apartments, commercial, retail, and many other property types. 

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California's Trusted Hard Money Lender


As a direct San Diego hard money lender, we offer flexible lending solutions at low rates and high LTV’s. 


TaliMar Financial works quickly to structure a hard money loan that fits your specific scenario. Our lending platform is designed to offer flexible options and close quickly. We often close within 5 to 7 business days from receiving a loan application.


Talimar Financial offers aggressive hard money lending programs for real estate investors, operators, and brokers. We fund 1st and 2nd position loans with borrower with poor or no credit.

Funding San Diego Hard Money Bridge Loans

San Diego Hard Money Bridge Lender

TaliMar Financial specializes in funding residential and commercial San Diego hard money bridge loans. As a San Diego hard money lender, our bridge loan program offers flexible private money loans for purchase, refinance, and cash out refinance transactions.

As a San Diego Hard Money Bridge Lender, we understand the need to be flexible. Many real estate investors, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and other real estate professionals rely on TaliMar Financial to customize each loan request. Our aggressive lending parameters allow for high loan to value (LTV) ratios, no income / cash flow verification, poor credit, and loan terms extending up to 5 years.

A hard money bridge loan maybe an excellent solution for a hard money purchase loan if the Borrower needs to close quickly, has poor or no income / cashflow, or the property is in poor condition. A hard money bridge for a refinance or cash our refinance would be an option if a Borrower needs cash out of a rental property, their existing loan is maturing soon, or they are seeking a longer term bridge loan.  

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The Preferred San Diego Lender Funding Fix and Flip Loans

San Diego Fix & Flip Lender

TaliMar Financial is the preferred San Diego Fix and Flip Lender. We have been funding fix and flip loans since 2008. San Diego real estate investors have come to trust that TaliMar Financial is the reliable San Diego Hard Money Lender for Fix and Flip Loans. We offer lending options based upon the After Repair Value (ARV), offer up construction funds up to 100% of the renovation costs in our loan, and do not require appraisals in most cases.

San Diego offers an incredible opportunity for real estate investors who are seeking to purchase, renovate, and either sell or hold real estate. Due to the aging San Diego stock and high buyer demand, Los Angeles housing market has an increasing number of homes that need updating or can be repositioned.

By leveraging the our Fix and Flip hard money loan program, San Diego real estate investors can capitalize on these opportunities and grow their real estate real estate portfolio. 

Experienced Hard Money Construction Lender

San Diego Construction Lender

When it comes to ground up construction, TaliMar Financial has become the trusted San Diego Hard Money Lender for new construction. Since 2008, real estate investors have relied on TaliMar Financial to fund their single family or multi-family ground up construction project.

As a New Construction Hard Money Lender, TaliMar Financial offers several competitive advantages such as quick closings, expedited construction draw approvals, and flexible lending programs. As a  Hard Money Lender, we can quickly review a new construction loan submittal and respond with a term sheet within 24 hours. Once signed, our underwriting and loan approval process can take less than 2 weeks. 

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Hard Money Lender Mortgage Broker Program

TaliMar Financial is a mortgage broker friendly hard money lender. We respect the relationship you have with your client and we are committed to providing you the highest level of service. You remain protected throughout the transaction and your client remains your client after the close.

We offer a variety of hard money lending programs that can be specifically designed to meet the needs of your client. Because we a direct hard money lender, we can offer lending options that most other lenders cannot offer. Our lending programs include Fix and Flip loans, Bridge loans, and Construction loans. 

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