Recent Funding: $810,000 Bridge Loan

San Diego, CA – TaliMar Financial is pleased to announce our most recent funding of a $810,000 Bridge loan in San Diego, CA. The loan request was brought to us by a real estate agent after their client’s mortgage broker could not secure the funding. Because the borrower was purchasing the property in a corporation and was holding it as a rental property, conventional financing was not an option. TaliMar Financial quickly funded the loan and saved the transaction.

Contact TaliMar Financial today at (858) 613-0111 or visit today with your hard money loan request. We work with direct with borrowers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and other real estate professionals to help them fund their hard to fund real estate loans.

TaliMar Financial is a hard money lender in San Diego, CA that specializes in funding residential and commercial fix and flip, construction, and bridge loans. As direct private money lender, we offer aggressive financing options for clients that need to close quickly, are purchasing / refinancing a real estate asset(s) that cannot obtain bank financing, or borrowers that lack or have limited credit.

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