Credit Check

I/We authorize TaliMar Financial Inc., to obtain a tri-merged consumer credit report and background check.

I/We understand that intends to use the credit report for the purposes of confirming my/our residency address, verifying other credit information, including past and present mortgages, and evaluating whether my/our income is eligible to support the mortgage loan for which I/we have applied.

I/We understand that in conjunction with the tri-merged credit report that may ask me/us to verify past and present employment earnings records, bank accounts, stockholdings, and any other asset balances that are needed to process the mortgage loan application.

I/We understand that credit report obtained is to be used solely in the processing of the mortgage loan application and that this information may be shared with others that have a direct connection with the processing and funding of the mortgage loan application.

 I/We understand that credit inquiries have the potential to impact my/our credit score. It is understood understand that this tri-merged credit report will be retained on file along with all other loan application documents obtain by TaliMar Financial Inc.

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