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In this video, Brock VandenBerg, President of TaliMar Financial, discusses TaliMar Income Fund I (“TIF I”). TIF I was established in 2021 to complement our existing, highly successful trust deed investment platform. The focus of the mortgage fund is to allow investors to earn monthly income secured on a portfolio of residential and commercial mortgages.

What is TaliMar Income Fund I

TIF I is a mortgage fund consisting of a diversified pool of performing mortgages secured on residential and commercial real estate. Investors earn income from the interest paid by the borrowers on the pool of mortgages. Distributions occur monthly, with investors having the option to take monthly distributions or reinvest their proceeds back into the mortgage fund. Because the fund is secured on a pool of mortgages, the risk is diversified over the entire portfolio of loans and not one single loan.

What are the Advantages of the Mortgage Fund

There are several advantages of investing in TIF I. Depending upon your focus, TIF I offers investors a steady stream of monthly income, secured on a diversified pool of mortgages, and qualifies for the Qualified Business Income Tax (QBIT) deduction.

Why TaliMar Financial

TaliMar Financial has been offering individual trust deed investments since 2008. Over that period of time, TaliMar Financial has funded over 600 loans totaling over $300 million. Currently TaliMar Financial manages over $50 million in performing loans. TaliMar Financial leverages technology to quickly assess loan requests and manage its growing portfolio of loans. Through the end of 2021, TaliMar Financial has had no investor losses.

How to Start Investing in TaliMar Income Fund I

The investment process is simple. TIF I is a Reg D 506(c) mortgage fund and open to accredited investors. The first step in the investment process is submit your request by clicking hereOur Investment Relations team will reach out to you to start the accreditation process. Once completed and the Subscription Agreement is signed, investors will submit their funds to our subscription account. Investors start to earn interest on their investment once their TaliMar funds a new loan.

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