TaliMar Financial | May 2022 Investor Update

Brock VandenBerg, President of TaliMar Financial, provides an update for May 2022. In the video, he covers topics such as new loan activity in May 2022 for TaliMar Financial, the health of the loan portfolio, and the mortgage Fund, TaliMar Income Fund I.

TaliMar Financial is a hard money lender headquartered in San Diego, CA. TaliMar Financial specializes in funding residential and commercial hard money Fix and Flip, Fix and Hold, Bridge, and New Construction loans. Investors can participate in the loans TaliMar Financial funds through our trust deed investment program and our mortgage fund.

As an investor in TaliMar Income Fund I, you are secured on a portfolio of real estate loans. Investors earn the income generated from the payments made on the portfolio of loans. The advantages of the mortgage fund include, (1) the security of the underlying loans funded on single family, multi-family, and commercial properties, (2) offers consistent monthly income, and (3) qualifies investors for the qualified business income tax deduction. 

Follow this link to learn more about the mortgage fund – https://www.talimarfinancial.com/talimar-income-fund-i/

Follow this link to learn more about investing in trust deeds – https://www.talimarfinancial.com/trust-deed-investments/

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