TaliMar Financial | Funding a Fix and Flip Trust Deed

In this video, Brock VandenBerg, President of TaliMar Financial, provides tips on funding Fix and Flips Trust Deeds.

Funding Fix and Flip Trust Deeds can be an excellent option when investing in trust deeds. The advantages of a Fix and Flip Trust Deed is that, (1) the Borrower intends to improve the property, (2) there is a clear exit strategy for repayment, and (3) they lead to repeat loan requests.

Investors should be aware there are some risks associated with a Fix and Flip trust deed investment. The biggest risk is the Borrower completing the renovation. When funding this type of trust deed, we recommend that the Lender closely review the Scope of Work and draft a draw schedule that releases the funds to the Borrower over the course of the project. This will push the Borrower to follow the original scope of work and protect the Lender should the Borrower not complete the renovations.

If you are interested to learn more about investing Fix and Flip Trust Deeds, or prefer to invest in our Mortgage Fund, TaliMar Income Fund I, contact our Investment Relations team. Click Here to view the Executive Summary for TaliMar Income Fund I.

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