Recent Funding: $665,000 30 Year Rental Loan in Poway, CA

Poway, CA– TaliMar Financial, a Poway Hard Money Lender, is pleased to announce our most recent funding of a $665,000 30 Year Rental Loan secured on a single family home in Poway, CA.

The Borrower reached out to TaliMar Financial seeking to refinance their existing loan on their cash flowing rental property. They were looking for cash out on the transaction because they were planning to purchase another investment property. Because they were self-employed, however, they were having trouble getting banks to finance the loan. Our 30 Year Rental Loan was a perfect option for them because it provided them cash out and an interest-only payment.

The 30 Year Rental Loan offered by TaliMar Financial is an excellent option for real estate investors looking for a simple way to refinance their rental property. The 30 Year Rental Loan does not require the Borrower to submit tax returns or income statements. The only requirements are a credit check, a 12-month lease agreement, and appraisal.

TaliMar Financial has become the leading provider of 30 Year Rental Loans. Our streamlined and transparent approval process will ensure that you understand what is going on at all times.

Submit your 30 Year Rental Loan Application today to see if you qualify for this program.

About TaliMar Financial

TaliMar Financial is a San Diego hard money lender that specializes in funding residential and commercial Fix and Flip, Construction, and Bridge Loans. As a direct private money lender, we offer aggressive financing options and typically close our transactions in less than 7 business days. We work directly with real estate investors and property owners as well as real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and other real estate professionals.

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Up to 80% of Value

Purchase / Refinance

As Low as 3.875%

Interest Payments Available

Cash Out OK

Minimum Documentation

Business Purpose Only


Up to 70% of Completion Value

12 – 24 months

Low Rates

Interest Only Payments

Single Family and Multi-Family

California Only

Business Purpose Only

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Preferred Borrower Account Program

The Preferred Borrower Account Program was designed for the real estate investor. The PBA Program offers real estate investors a secure source of capital for their real estate deals. By getting approved, investors will have access to a TaliMar Financial Letter of Credit, property specific Proof of Funds Letters, 5 Day Expedited closings, and our Wholesale Deal Marketplace. 

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