Increasing the Likelihood of Hard Money Loan Approval: A Guide for Mortgage Brokers

Increasing the Likelihood of Hard Money Loan Approval: A Guide for Mortgage Brokers

Hard money loans are a type of real estate-backed loan that is funded by private investors or companies. Unlike conventional loans that are issued by banks and credit unions, hard money loans are primarily based on the value of the property being used as collateral, rather than the borrower’s creditworthiness. These loans are typically used for short-term financing needs, such as fix-and-flip projects, bridge loans, or new construction, and they offer a faster approval process and more flexible underwriting criteria compared to traditional loans. However, they also come with higher interest rates and fees due to the increased risk taken on by the lender. 

Top 5 Tips to Increase Hard Money Loan Approval 

1. Meet the Underwriting Criteria

       Ensuring that the loan request meets the underwriting criteria of the lender is paramount. Hard money lenders have specific guidelines and requirements that differ from conventional lenders. These criteria often focus on the property’s value, the borrower’s equity, and the exit strategy. Familiarize yourself with the lender’s criteria and ensure the loan request aligns with their requirements before submission. 

2. Gather Diligence Items in Advance

Before submitting the loan request, obtain all necessary diligence items from the borrower. This includes property appraisals, purchase agreements, renovation plans, and borrower financials. Having comprehensive documentation ready demonstrates preparedness and supports the loan request, making it easier for the lender to make a quick decision.

3. Discuss Pricing with the Borrower

Have a candid conversation with the borrower about the pricing of hard money loans. These loans typically have higher interest rates and fees compared to conventional loans. Ensure that the borrower understands this and is willing to accept the terms. Setting realistic expectations about the costs involved can prevent misunderstandings and delays in the approval process. 

4. Be Transparent About Issues

Transparency is crucial when working with hard money lenders. Be upfront about any potential issues related to the borrower, the property, or the transaction. Whether it’s a low credit score, property condition concerns, or title issues, disclosing these matters early allows the lender to assess the risk appropriately. Additionally, be prepared to explain why a hard money loan is a more viable option than a conventional loan for the borrower’s situation. 

5. Explain the Borrower’s Repayment Plan

A critical aspect of hard money lending is the borrower’s ability to repay the loan. Be prepared to explain how the borrower will make the monthly payments and what their plan is for repaying the loan in full. This could involve detailing the exit strategy, such as selling the property post-renovation, refinancing with a conventional loan, or using other available funds. Demonstrating a clear and feasible repayment plan can significantly enhance the likelihood of loan approval.


Securing a hard money loan can be a streamlined and efficient process when approached correctly. By ensuring the loan request meets the lender’s underwriting criteria, gathering all necessary documentation upfront, discussing pricing expectations with the borrower, being transparent about any potential issues, and clearly outlining the borrower’s repayment plan, mortgage brokers can increase the likelihood of getting their hard money loan requests approved. This proactive approach not only benefits the borrower but also fosters a positive relationship with the lender, paving the way for future successful transactions. 

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