TaliMar Income Fund

A better way to invest in trust deeds

Investing in trust deeds offers consistent monthly income with the security of real estate. However, there is a better way to invest in trust deeds that offer the same advantages but provides more diversification and flexibility. Additionally, investors earn a 20% tax deduction on the monthly distributions. 

Why TaliMar Income Fund I (vs Trust Deeds)

Tax Advantages

Investors receive a 20% Tax Deduction (also known as the Qualified Business Income Tax Deduction) regardless of their income.


The fund is comprised of a diversified portfolio of residential and commercial mortgages, reducing risk to principal and ensuring investors earn consistent, monthly income.

Compounded Interest

Investors have the option to reinvest their monthly distribution and earn compounded interest resulting in a higher yield.

Flexibility / Liquidity

Investors have the flexibility to decide when and how to much to invest. Further, they can increase or decrease their investment at anytime.

TaliMar Income Fund by the Numbers

With more than 15 years of experience in selecting trust deeds for our valued investors, our team has earned a reputation for expertise and excellence. Invest with confidence when you choose TaliMar Income Fund I, as you will gain exclusive access to our team of professionals who specialize in originating and servicing loans.

Year to Date Return

*As of 06-02-2023

I continually work with our team to identify opportunities within the real estate debt market to mitigate risk and maximize investor return.

Brock VandenBergPresident TaliMar Income Fund
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