TaliMar Income Fund

A better way to invest in trust deeds

For investors looking for an innovative way to increase their return on investment, a mortgage fund is the perfect solution. Trust deeds provide competitive yields that can be driven even higher through mortgage funds, making them a great option for those seeking increased financial rewards.

Multiple Advantages & Consistent Returns

Tax Advantages

Investors are eligible to receive the 20% Qualified Business Income Tax Deduction (also known as QBIT) regardless of their income.


If one of the mortgages from the fund is paid off, or the borrower defaults on the payments, you continue to earn income from the other mortgages in the portfolio

Compounded Interest

In a TaliMar Income Fund, you have the option to reinvest your proceeds and earn income on those distributions the following month. 


You decide on the size of your investment and the timing and you also have the option to submit your request to withdraw your investment and have it returned.

TaliMar Income Fund In Numbers

Our team has over 15 years of experience selecting the right trust deeds for our investors. By investing in TaliMar Income Fund I, you can continue to invest in trust deeds with the benefits of a mortgage fund and receive consistent monthly income. 

Investor Distribution

The industry is no longer dominated by mortgage brokers selling “one off” loans to individual investors. Instead, the multibillion-dollar industry has now become serviced with companies handing everything from loan origination, loan servicing, legal, accounting, and fund management.

Brock VandenBergPresident TaliMar Income Fund
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